What is detailing?
Detailing is the extensive process of reconditioning a vehicle, which may or may not include paint correction, interior cleaning, engine bay cleaning, &/or misc. cleaning, to a “like new” state.

What types of products are used?
Only the finest car care products are used in the detailing process.  All car wash shampoo’s and wheel cleaners are pH balanced (non-acidic) so they will not damage the finish in any way.  Any leather products or paint polishes used do not contain silicone or petroleum.  In addition all paint polishes are 100% clear coat safe and do not mask or fill in defects unlike hand polish’s that most “other” detailer’s use.  Chamois, terry towels and stiff brushes are never used on a detail, only the softest microfiber towels and boars hair brushes touch your cars surfaces.